Come sempre, questo articolo non è farina del mio sacco. Il problema è che non mi ricordo nemmeno dove l’ho trovato. Scusate!

1. Combine Function and Style. When one thinks of stylish accessories, laundry bags are usually the last thing to come to mind, that is until we heard about this laundry bag at Urban Outfitters. The ruffle detail and the under-$50 price tag make this a fun gift for the college fashionista or the single fashionista living in an apartment.

2. Purchase Gifts with Biggest Designer Label Your Budget Can Afford. When shopping for a fashionista, try to score the biggest designer your pocketbook can afford. Luckily, top fashion designers, like fashionista fave Marc Jacobs, have developed a line of affordable tech accessories like this laptop cover. We guarantee your fashionista will love it. The covers come in hot pink, neon blue and lavender

3. It’s hard to be cute when it’s cold, so give the gift of warmth and style. This “cotton” cashmere wrap has all the luxury of real cashmere without the crazy cashmere price.

4. Find Fashion Trends that are HIGH on trend and low on budget. A fur trapper hat is a MUST for any self-respecting fashionista, and this hat fits the bill. The hat is made of faux fur, so it’ll even work for fashionistas who are into animal rights.

5. If all else fails, go for kitsch. When in shopping doubt about what to buy a fashionista, go for kitschy items, like this animal-face shower cap for $8 from Urban Outfitters … true fashion always has a sense of humor.

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