Un marito carino ha scritto un Tumblr dedicato a sua moglie, e ogni giorno posta una frase.

BOB DYLAN – Hope you like him.
BRAH – You don’t have to like my friends (because I won’t like all of yours) but please respect them. Unless they’re total douchebags to you, in which case I will vanquish them.
A PERSONAL CHOICE – I like Pepsi, but I’m not going to hold it against you if you like Coke.
WHATEVER YOU LIKE – My chick can have whatever she wants.
THAT ONE – I will definitely find one of your friends annoying. There’s always one. Sorry.
VALENTINE’S DAY – Food, chocolate, romance, wine, sex.
SUBWAY TRAIN – The seat is all yours.
ON THE STREET . It’s icy, grab my hand. If I go down you’re coming with me.
OTHER WOMEN – I may look at the menu, but I’ll never order.
WHEN WE LAND – In the Caribbean for whatever reason, I promise I will never clap. I’ll roll my eyes with you at the people who do.
THE RENTS –I won’t leave you alone with my mother for more that 32 minutes at a time.

Mi sciolgo dal romanticismo!

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