Sembra che a tutti piaccia cantare canzoni su Versace!

So baby let’s just turn down the lights
And close the door
Ooh I love that dress
But you won’t need it anymore
No you won’t need it no more
Let’s just kiss ’til we’re naked, baby
Versace on the floor
Ooh take it off for me, for me, for me, for me now, girl
Versace on the floor
Ooh take it off for me, for me, for me, for me now, girl, mmm

Versace, Versace, Medusa head on me like I’m ‘Luminati
I know that you like it, Versace, my neck and my wrist is so sloppy
Versace, Versace, I love it, Versace the top of my Audi
My plug is John Gotti, he give me the ducks, I know that they’re mighty
Shoes and shirt Versace, your bitch want in on my pockets
She ask me why my drawers silk, I told that bitch “Versace”
Cheetah print on my sleeve, but I ain’t never been in the jungle
Try to take my sack, better run with it, nigga, don’t fumble

questa è in assoluto la mia preferita 🙂

I am so fab
Check out
I’m blonde
I’m skinny
I’m rich,
And I’m a little bit of a bitch
I wanna dress you up in silk, Taffeta
Tailor these clothes to fit your guilt, what’s your size?
This purse can hold my black card and tiara
Versace promises I will, Dolce Vita
What do you wanna wear this spring?
What do you think is the new thing?
What do you wanna wear this season?

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